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Teenage Fan Club...
Teenage Fan Club opens the film with a cover of Camper Van Beethoven's "Take the Skinheads Bowling." You can hear Teenage Fan Club's newest album here.

Camper Van Beethoven
Camper Van Beethoven's music can be found here. David Lowery's post-Beethoven band, Cracker, can be found here, and their music here. And you can listen to Cracker's version of "Take the Skinhead's Bowling" here.

Joey Ramone
Joey Ramone brings the film to a close with his cover of "What a Wonderful World." You can see his video for the song here (and here for those of you on modems), and you can listen to the song here. To get Joey Ramone's music and merchandise, go here.

Jeff Gibbs
Jeff composed and recorded the original music for the film and was a field producer for "Bowling for Columbine." Jeff grew up in Beecher, the Flint community featured in the movie. He has a new album of improvisations on a solo piano called "Reflections" which you can order here. "Reflections" features two songs from Bowling for Columbine: Beecher's Lament and Lost Children.



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