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Dick Hurlin

Dick Hurlin, former associate producer for the TV show COPS, listens to Mike pitch an idea for a new show.

Michigan Militia

A real estate negotiator tries to sell some prime Michigan land.

Lockheed Martin

Mike gets his hands on a Lockheed Martin missile.

Matt Stone

South Park creator Matt Stone talks about growing up in Littleton, Colorado and the effect it had on him.


Skipping school, hanging out at Taco Bell, talking to Mike about violence, health care, and world politics.


Mike goes to a Canadian Wal-Mart and buys bullets...

Open Doors In Toronto

...then tries his hand at burglary...

The Arcade

...and finally, forces Canadian teenagers to play violent video games.

Barry Glassner

Mike and Culture of Fear author Barry Glassner go for a walk in South Central Los Angeles...

Barry Glassner

And then perform show tunes on the corner of Florence and Normandie.

Dick Clark

Either Mike's checking himself out, or Dick Clark is in that van.

Marilyn Manson

Who has a bigger influence on kids: Marilyn Manson or the President?

James Nichols

Mike and Terry Nichols' brother, James, trade beard tips...

James Nichols

...then talk about Gandhi, the right to bear arms, and who should have plutonium.

The Star Map

Mike buys a Star Map to find Charlton Heston.

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