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It's A Free Country

It's a Free Country
Personal Freedom in the America After September 11

Edited by Danny Goldberg

"It's a Free Country" is groundbreaking collection of new pieces examining the effects of President George W. Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft’s legislative assault on civil liberties following the terrorist bombing of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Foreword by Cornel West, author of Race Matters, with original pieces by Michael Moore, Ani DiFranco, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Steve Earle, Tom Hayden (former California senator, author of Irish on the Inside), Congressman Jerrold Nadler, Robert Scheer (LA Times columnist), Ira Glasser (former head of the ACLU), cartoonist Matt Groening, historian Howard Zinn, Lillian Nakano, Congressman Bob Barr, Michael Isikoff, Anthony Romero, Norman Siegel, Kenneth Roth, Nadine Strossen, Michael Tomasky, Helen Zia, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, interviews with Nat Hentoff and Congressman Barney Frank, and many more. Also, firsthand stories from Middle Eastern and American victims of civil-liberty infringement, such as the chief of police in Portland, Oregon who resisted federal pressure, and Fathi Mustafa, a Palestinian caught in the wave of racial profiling.

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And read these excerpts:
Danny Goldberg's Introduction
Steve Earle's The Politics of Retribution
Dan B. Gerson's Tale of the Mustafas

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